Saturday, 31 May 2008

My pine box is completed

I have finished my pine box today, this is to go in my spare room to house my towels. I used a Dulux Heritage paint but to be honest I don't like the finish on it, much prefer my F&B
The fabric was a remnant from Dunelms £4.30

Look what I found at the boot sale today

She is a beauty! Just took her for a spin and made a couple of cushion covers, she purrs like a pussy cat unlike my Mums machine that clonks along! This is also nice and heavy again unlike my Mums machine that moves across the table!

And the price................£8.00

I am thrilled to bits

Thursday, 29 May 2008


Was great i really enjoyed it, lots of highs and lows...........good night out

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sex and the city

I am off to see the film tomorrow night and really looking forward to it

I think most of us can relate to one character but I think I am like Miranda but with a bit of Samantha thrown in for good measure lol

Which one are you most like?

Please enter your answer on my poll

I will opt for Miranda on this one

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Table mats

I bought these table mats off Ebay, they came with 4 coasters too and they just sum me up a treat! I just love them

My little sewing box

Here is my completed sewing box

Monday, 26 May 2008

Shabby swap

My shabby swap partner for May is the lovely Leamadzw and the theme was something "beachy".
As you can see my gorgeous picture did not survive the postman! I still think with all the effort Lea put in this needed a little mention.
My swap to Lea is ready to be posted tomorrow and I hope she likes it
Looking forward to the June swap now which is themed Strawberries and Cream..........and mine is already to go!! Just awaiting my swap partner on June 1st

I have been tagged!

Apparently I have been *Tagged* by Angel .I have to answer 6 Questions (although I can only find 5!and give Honest answers.
1, what were you doing 10 years ago. Struggling as a single Mum bringing up my 2 Daughters, making lots of mistakes along the way
2, 5 things on my "To do list today" Make cushion covers (tick)
Change bed (tick)
Clear up kitchen (tick)
Meet a mate (may be stood up haven't heard from him!)
Start on sewing box (tick)

3, Snacks I enjoy. Chocolate, cashew nuts, cheese
4, Things I would do if I was a millionaire. Make sure both my girls have a flat of their own, then buggar off!!!
5, Places I have lived. Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Somerset and Bedfordshire

Now how do I tag someone else??

My magazine rack

Painted this a couple of weeks ago and planned to line it but hadn't got round to it until today
I am pleased with the end result
I sewed 2 pieces of fabrc together and was going to use velcro to attach but I bought a glue gun the other day so thought I would give it a go, if it doesn't stay stuck then I will go back to plan A

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I'm going to be in trouble

I have taken the day off work today because my shoulders and neck are playing up probably because my posture was bad while using the sewing machine last night, however I am not one for just sitting around so I thought I would cut out the fabric for another cushion, well once I has it all pinned together seemed daft not to just wizz it through the machine

I am going to go back to bed for a little nap now...............promise x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

2 more cushions completed

Well played around a bit with the sewing machine and managed to get it to work again and tonight I have knocked these up, listen to me I almost sound like a professional!!

My 60 minute makeover!

I'm sure this little project took me about an hour all in all and I just love it, this is what it looked like when I bought it for 2 quid at a boot sale (took legs off before pic and couldn't be bothered to put them back on again)

Its just perfect for me to put my feet up on when I am sitting with my lappie and killing time on that "shabby chic cafe" forum lol

Monday, 19 May 2008

Sewing machine hell

I have had so much trouble with the sewing machine tonight that I have given up! Will have to tackle the rest of the sewing when I am less tired and more patient (not one of my strong points). Anyway thought I would show you what I have managed to do already

Saturday, 17 May 2008

My future projects

I picked this little beauty up last weekend And tomorrow I shall be picking up this (I got one Bibbly!!)
And this

I intend to paint them all
Hopefully re-line the sewing box and with the blanket box make a nice seat for the top
So what with these, my sewing projects and my dresser still to paint I am going to be a busy girl!

This is completed now

Do you remember this?
Looks like this now but not sure if I am going to keep it yet

Couldn't add these to the post below

These were £2 for the lot
This is a foot stool but I have already taken the plastic, yes plastic legs off. I am hoping with a bit of melamine primer some paint will stick! I plan to cover this. £2
And this lovely lamp was £4

So all in all I think a good day!
Please continue with the post below to see my other bargains

Do you want to see my bargains today?

I had been looking forward to going to a boot sale all week and was a little worried it maybe cancelled as rain was forecast but I got up and went anyway. As I was appraching where the boot sale was held I could see it in the distance, the adrenalin started to pump (My shabby chicer friends will understand this). I was lucky to get a space right near the front and off I went with my trolley! Here are my finds......
This was £1
This was 50p
This was 50p

This nice big basket was £1
These were 50p and £1
And how could I refuse this wall plaque for 50p

And a kind old man gave me thid for nothing as I need some repair I thought if I can't be bothered I could always send it to Bibbly, she would love and look after it

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Me sewing!!

I haven't had a sewing machine out for donkey's years but I painted a chair a friend gave me and decided to make a new cushion pad, this is far from perfect but hey ho I had a go!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

It's finished!

At long last my most difficult project to date is finished! I found this really hard work because I had to crawl into the table to do the slats and it totally killed my back, there was a couple of times I could have put in onto freecycle!

Anyway I do think my perseverance has paid off and I quite like it now
Now looks like this..........................
And do you remember these old wooden boxes I had to store my books in?
They now look like this..................................................
So I have no decided when my dresser finally turns up I'm going to leave it a couple of weeks because I am maxed out with painting and I desperatly need to clean my house or Kim and Aggie will be making an appearance!!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Saturday's bargains

This is what I managed to pick up today
This pretty duvet was £3.99 and I am going to make some cushions with it
The cup and saucer was £2.99, small dish 99p and also the trinket box
The white perfume bottle was a fiver but its so pretty, the tulip tea light holders £3 from Tchibo and a couple of hooks 50p each

A trip to Dunelm and I got these goodies, 4 checked mugs £2.99, small pictures reduced to £4.99, sundae dishes 99p each and the jug £1.99

Magazine rack £2.50

I also got the vase pictured on my chest of drawers for £2.50
So the wally trolley came in quite handy as I also bought myself a new duvet cover in Tchibo and Ethel Austin is closing down so got a few bits in there too for hampers and holidays!!

My chest of drawers


For those of you that are following my journey in transforming my home here is the next installment

This ......................
turned into this................

If Jennifer from Buttercups and Roses ever pops in to my blog I would like her to know she is the one who gave me the inspiration and I would like the give her a big thank you x