Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Holiday holiday!!

Well only 3 more sleeps and I am away to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt for my holidays, packing is almost done (I know its early but like to be prepared) scared I have gone over the weight limit as my scales need a battery so will have to see if neighbour has some I can use. How to airlines think us women manage on 20kgs!!!

Anyway I thought I would just pop in and post before I go, so I wish you all well and ((((hugs)))) to all who need or want one

Ta ra for now

Diane xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

June swap!

I received my June swap from Sparkle bug today and I love it all, a homemade heart, some coasters with strawberries on, a little homemade purse and even a handmade card

Thank you Sparkle bug xx

Friday, 27 June 2008

I just had to open it!

Well I decided to open my sealed tin, I was trying to save a £1 a day since January 1st for Christams but I have managed to get most of my pressies already as I am doing hampers this year for everyone and have bought bits and pieces every week
I opened the tin to go towards my holiday fund
I have missed a few days but it till totalled £163
I am thrilled that I have managed a way to save money at long last as I have never been very good at it!!
So there you go with saving all my £2 coins and doing a £1 a day I have managed to pay for a holiday in 6 months

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fabric giveaway


I am going to do 2 giveaways. I have some left over fabric from these 2 projects of mine and have decided to give it away so please leave a comment and I will pick names out on 6th July.
Please start comment with GIVEAWAY 1 or GIVEAWAY2 and you are wecome to leave 2 comments if you fancy winning both...................Good luck x GIVEAWAY2

Saving money

At the start of the year I decided to save all my £2 coins and not spend a single one. Last night I counted them as I decided I would put them in the bank to pay towards my holiday. Well I was pretty shocked they added up to £346!

I also try to save a £1 a day in a sealed tin I forget somedays but now I am tempted to open that too but it was meant to be for Christmas.................should I open it or keep it sealed??

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sharm........Here I come again!

I have just booked my second trip this year to Sharm in Egypt, I went in April and had an amazing time so I'm heading back on 11th July. Its going to be so hot I don't even know if I will cope with the heat but I want to have a week away before the schools break up and prices follow.

I am so looking forward to it now and will be counting down the days!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

CD cabinet

My CD cabinet is now completed I had this in my spare room but have bought it downstairs to make room for my pine box upstairs

Not sure this will stay where it is but thought I would do a quick pic anyway